Guest Blogger: Lily from Australia

SYD - 6
If I had to describe Australian fashion in one word, it would be: brave. Australians love experimenting with clothes and making bold statements. My style is more classic with a little bit of an unusual twist so I find Aussie fashion a little too brave for my taste. I dress for my body type, not for what’s on magazine covers. Being a short girl, there are certain things you just can’t wear. My most important fashion rule would be: fit & flare, rise & fall.

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Weekly Inspirations

FullSizeRenderEveryone has their own special morning routine, and so do I! I start my day at 6:30AM with a cappuccino and a green apple. My morning news come from the Skimm, a witty newsletter that has all your trending national and international news. You should sign up – I promise it will make your mornings more exciting and relevant. My daily outfit inspirations come from different Instagram images and bloggers that I follow.

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Taking on Harry Potter World

imageDreams do come true! I am beyond excited to share my Harry Potter experience with you. But before I go into details, you should know that I cried when I did not get a letter of acceptance from Howgwarts when I turned 11. I am a HUGE fan of the books and the movies. They are about friendship, loyalty, family and magic. I read Harry Potter in three different languages and would do it again.

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BREAKING NEWS: Valentine’s Day is Next Week


Some of you hate it, some of you love it, but almost no one stays indifferent to this holiday. I can see why some people perceive it as a stressful day: the pressure to buy the right present; to pull off pink; to keep smiling while pretending to not having any plans. AND THAT IS OK! I see nothing wrong with spending this day on the sofa binge-watching Netflix or going out with girls. For me, this day is special because it marks an anniversary.  And let’s be honest here, I am just looking for a reason to add one more outfit for my ever-growing wardrobe. I am not sure what I am going to wear just yet, but I did purchase a dress from the list below. See if you can guess which one!

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LOVE Is In The Air

IMG_0285Valentine’s Day is around the corner! I am well aware that there are people who hate this commercial holiday and want nothing to do with it. I, however, choose a different strategy of I’ll take any holiday that involves presents. Remember back in school it was popular to send your friends and your crushes anonymous cards? Maybe I just did not get enough of those. So, do not take this holiday from me, you mood killers!

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Wish List 2014

What an exciting year! This past year I saw a lot of comebacks. In particular, leopard prints and fur. While my russki soul welcomes the return of fur as long as it is not real, I agree to purchase leopard print only if it is shoes. But then again I can agree to purchase any kind of shoe, I admit to having a problem.

This post, however, has nothing to do with comebacks. I think we all can agree that fashion is cyclical. Instead, I give you my top 6 items of 2014:

Open Pearl Necklace: can give an edgy look to any elegant outfit.9c819c42a6a8924cb9611f2416142092

Photo Credit:

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The Controversy of Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend_pic2Boyfriend jeans are pretty controversial. Girls love them, boyfriends hate them. At least that has been my experience. And I do understand where my significant other is coming from: it really does make my non-existent booty look even smaller. But since we have passed the stage where I try to impress him, I wear them anyways. So ladies, below you will find some outfits with boyfriend jeans that have inspired me:

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