Guest Blogger: Lily from Australia

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If I had to describe Australian fashion in one word, it would be: brave. Australians love experimenting with clothes and making bold statements. My style is more classic with a little bit of an unusual twist so I find Aussie fashion a little too brave for my taste. I dress for my body type, not for what’s on magazine covers. Being a short girl, there are certain things you just can’t wear. My most important fashion rule would be: fit & flare, rise & fall.

Although I love women’s fashion, the men have got it a lot better, in my opinion. They can be a little more adventurous or keep it classic and there’s very little that can go wrong. This is why I’ve decided to focus on men’s fashion for this Aussie fashion piece. The pictures show what I mean by brave fashion choices but it works and I’m glad that Australians are so adventurous with their fashion choices.
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Guest Writer  – Lily Jirapol  (a high school friend & a beautiful soul) 

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