Hats Are Girl’s Best Friends

last 1What can I say, I love my hats. Is it strange to build an entire outfit around an accessory? I think NOT. Very often I hear people say: “hats just don’t look good on me.” I have yet to see a woman who looked bad in a hat. It hides dirty hair, highlights facial bone structure and adds an edge to anything you plan to wear. If the hat is right, you can forgo eye make-up and just do your lips. Hats are lazy and that is why I love them!

As you can see, my entire outfit is pretty laid back and I am wearing the only long skirt I have in my wardrobe. It is of course a Zara skirt! This is my second long skirt from Zara over the years and I swear they know a secret of making a long skirt that highlights your body instead of hiding it. Let’s just all agree here that Zara is amazing and I am its biggest fan. Even though I do not wear a lot of long skirts due to Seattle’s tendency to flood, theoretically you can pair it up with a loose t-shirt for an effortless hip look or a crop top for a sexier outcome. I obviously went for a shortcut and do not regret it! Enjoy!

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Shirt: Macaroonchic

Skirt: Zara

Cardigan: Levis

Hat: Top Shop

Shoes: Madwell

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