Eyelash Extensions: Do or Don’t?

imageI was always very curious to try lash extensions, but never had the guts to go through with it. I was scared of my natural lashes falling off or having an allergic reaction to the glue. Since a majority of my friends are just as curious as I am, I decided to go for it and share first-hand experience with you!

Why did I do it?

Sleep takes top priority over pretty much everything in my life. In the morning, I do not spend a lot of time getting ready for work. Twenty minutes tops! But these are 20 minutes I can be sleeping… My dream is to roll out of bed, brush my hair, put a bit of a blush on and be ready to go. Supposedly, lash extensions highlight the eyes while allowing you to reduce the getting-ready routine to a minimum.

Main concern?

I am super active and the durability of eye-lash extensions is questionable. During this test, I am not giving up my crazy lifestyle for a set of longer lashes. Neither am I sleeping only on my back to avoid destroying them. Who can control how they sleep anyway!? Basically, I am trying to figure out if they will survive the requirements of my life, not the other way around.


To see how long they last and if they’re worth the investment.

Where did I go?

Noir Eyelash Bar in Bellevue – mostly due to convenience; not a lot of research went into this decision.

What did I get?

Did you know there are different types of lashes one can get? Yep! I went for a more expensive version – mink, hoping this will help with durability and a natural look. I also did just half a set, about 20-25 lashes per eye. I never liked seeing extensions that are too obvious and find them a bit too much too handle.


$86 plus tip. Half a set usually costs 43 dollars, but I had to pay a premium for higher quality lashes.


You lay down on a somewhat-comfortable sofa before a technician tapes your lower lashes to the bottom of your eye and lifts your eyelid a tiny bit with another piece of tape. While this sounds pretty disgusting, it did not cause me any discomfort.  In fact, I found myself dozing off and had to apologize for twitching! Since I wanted only half a set, the whole process took about one hour. During this hour, for obvious reasons, you cannot use your phone! #firstworldproblems. Now you see why I was falling asleep? Zen…


Is it worth it?

I will write more on this in two weeks, but if you don’t want to wait that long here are a few things to consider:

  • My natural lashes aren’t bad, so half a set is sufficient for a fuller look.
  • So far they held up at the gym and in the shower.
  • I had to be careful the first night sleeping with them, but now I could not care less.
  • You do have to brush them in the morning to organize.
  • In the shower, be careful not to put your lashes directly under the water. When wet, they feel a bit strange and heavy.
  • I did not change my face or hair products to avoid oil, but this may affect their lifespan.
  • At first, the technician placed a few lashes on the inner corner of the eye, but it was very uncomfortable and I had to ask to remove them.

Stay tuned to learn if I am going to do it again!

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