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IMG_0285Valentine’s Day is around the corner! I am well aware that there are people who hate this commercial holiday and want nothing to do with it. I, however, choose a different strategy of I’ll take any holiday that involves presents. Remember back in school it was popular to send your friends and your crushes anonymous cards? Maybe I just did not get enough of those. So, do not take this holiday from me, you mood killers!

Now to the most important question – what to give your significant other? Please stay away from cute cups, picture frames, and heart-shaped anything. Here is my list:

Polaroid Camera – you will have a lot of fun with it. Old school is cool again! The only down side is the cost of the film.


Phote Credit: Urban Outfitters

An activity monitor for the brain that teaches about cognitive performance. In other words, after a while – you learn how to concentrate better. This is a present with a hint.


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Ultra small Bluetooth stickers that he can stick on his stuff, and use a smartphone to find them. OR you can take creepy to the next level and stick it to his car!


Photo Credit:

This present can really fire-back on you. But it can be really fun to mess with!


Photo Credit: istrike-shuttle

I want one myself! 3-D pen – how awesome is this? Ah…


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Hope this makes your life easier. Cheers!

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