“I can live with your hats, but this jacket is a NO.”


day6_look1_pic1This outfit is one of my favorites! You have probably noticed that in my blog, I do not stick to a specific style of clothing. Instead, I can be preppy one day and rock-and-roll the next.  Macaroonchic has really pushed me to experiment more and to try new things. Before, if I wanted to wear something questionable and push boundaries, I never acted on it. I was always afraid to get strange looks. Now, I realize that in order to stay interesting and relevant to you guys, I have to provide something new each week and that posting the same-old plane-Jane outfits is simply not an option. I work really hard to make each and every one of my looks unique and different – but you be the judge!

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Wish List 2014

What an exciting year! This past year I saw a lot of comebacks. In particular, leopard prints and fur. While my russki soul welcomes the return of fur as long as it is not real, I agree to purchase leopard print only if it is shoes. But then again I can agree to purchase any kind of shoe, I admit to having a problem.

This post, however, has nothing to do with comebacks. I think we all can agree that fashion is cyclical. Instead, I give you my top 6 items of 2014:

Open Pearl Necklace: can give an edgy look to any elegant outfit.9c819c42a6a8924cb9611f2416142092

Photo Credit: www.moreislove.com

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Winter Is Coming

day1_look1_pic4Winter is coming! For the Pacific Northwest this means rain fall for the next 9 months. However, you will not see a picture of me with an umbrella. I don’t think I even own one! If you are a true Washingtonian you embrace this season and do not hide inside. For me, winter is a season of coats. One coat can change your entire outfit AND your day! Keep reading →

The Controversy of Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend_pic2Boyfriend jeans are pretty controversial. Girls love them, boyfriends hate them. At least that has been my experience. And I do understand where my significant other is coming from: it really does make my non-existent booty look even smaller. But since we have passed the stage where I try to impress him, I wear them anyways. So ladies, below you will find some outfits with boyfriend jeans that have inspired me:

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