Top October Finds

I know I have been terrible by not posting anything lately. But life takes over and 24 hours in a day is simply not enough for all the projects I want to work on. A friend shamed me during a volleyball practice today, so here I am with my top October finds 🙂

To no ones surprise, most of these come from my favorite stores. But hey, at least we know that the quality is great!
Let’s start with jeans because, ladies, we will probably be wearing them for the next 6 months. Bye.. bye..summer… My recent obsession are FRAME Jeans. The material itself is soft, but durable and they sit REALLY well. If I had to compare them to another brand it would be Rag & Bone. The same price point, but your regular Rag & Bones are a bit too jegging-like for me. I have a pair of these FRAMEs (and many more). They work pretty much with anything! I am certainly guilty of wearing them too much.
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This color is everything! I have the same Wilfred Sweater in black and have to restrict myself from buying in every color! But WTH – we live only once! This particular cut is what I call “bulky-perfect”. Loose enough, so you can binge on Nutella, yet elegant enough to wear with anything from dress pants to skirts to jeans.
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I am a HUGE fan of oversized coats. Recently, however, I am about highlighting the waist. With all the layering I do during the winter – it is important not to look like Winnie the Pooh. If you do not want to buy a new coat, think of how you can make yours more versatile. I say, new belt = new look!
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Paul Green! An amazing shoe designer. Full disclosure: I do not actually own this particular pair, but every time I try his shoes on – it is like heaven. Trust me, I know what I am talking about! Having dancer’s feet really makes one understand the importance of comfy shoes. The only downfall is the price. I cannot allow myself spend $500 on a pair of shoes when I know I can get three Aritzia sweaters instead:)
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Lastly, that same person who shamed me into writing this post asked about double-sided-real-pearl-earrings. Here is my philosophy on jewelry: I spend tons of money on classic pieces, but when it comes down to trendy new things, I stick with a more affordable option. In my experience, I get sick of the latest jewelry trends really fast and always fall back on old-school classics like Tiffany’s.
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