Unique Ways to Style Your Scarves

A couple weeks ago, I announced my first collaboration with a local designer. I am a true believer that opportunities come when we don’t expect them, so always leave your door open! Carrie Chen—the founder of Casana Designs —is the heart, creative mind and business guru for the brand. And boy, is she passionate about her product!

Through our partnership, I learned a lot about how Casana scarves are made and what goes into the creative and production processes.

Casana scarves use the finest cashmere. Did you guys know that cashmere is not a winter material? When I saw Casana’s spring collection, I was shocked at how light and thin the scarves are. Naturally, I wondered how these elaborate prints are even possible on such a sensitive material. Turns out it takes hard work and a very meticulous production process.


Carrie starts by designing all the prints herself. And truly, she gets inspired by the little things. Her choice of color is my dream come true, so of course I wanted every scarf she showed me. After super-detailed work on prints and colors, it is time for production. Carrie travels to factories herself twice a year to ensure integrity and quality of her product. Maybe I should tag along next time?

What started as a little styling  project turned into a video and a great learning opportunity for me! This collection comes in seven different prints and many color options for each of the prints. But it is better to see it rather than have me describe it, so I hope you enjoy this video!

P.S.  I have seen fall/winter collection and you won’t believe how versatile a scarf can be! I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Thank you Casana for letting me into you magical world! Xoxo

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