Weekly Inspirations

FullSizeRenderEveryone has their own special morning routine, and so do I! I start my day at 6:30AM with a cappuccino and a green apple. My morning news come from the Skimm, a witty newsletter that has all your trending national and international news. You should sign up – I promise it will make your mornings more exciting and relevant. My daily outfit inspirations come from different Instagram images and bloggers that I follow.

I pick up most of my new exercises from fitness accounts on Instagram as well. They improve my variety and efficiency at the gym dramatically. Perhaps I should do a post dedicated just to that, BUT today I want to share a few outfits that inspired me:

Very Seattle-ish laid back outfit. She gets an A for layering skills!

imagePhoto Credit: Leivankash Instagram

Xenia Sobchak – a Russian journalist, also has a very unique style. She is definitely a trend-setter and her attention to detail in each outfit is my favorite part. Just look at this Chanel handbag!

Photo Credit: Xenia_Sobchak Instagram

Karissamariie is pretty much the queen of layering and her makeup is what really sets her apart from other bloggers. Perfection!

Photo Credit: Karissamariie Instagram
I love Anthropologie – enough said.

imagePhoto Credit: Anthropologie Instagram

Cheers, Ladies!

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